Ethical charter
We staff of Nooredena Development and Investment Co. have selected thefollowing principles and the signboard of our activities by obeying God’sorders and learnings and to accomplish our organization perspective:
1.    We know God supervises ouractions permanently and we always try to act for God’s consent and to serve itsservants.
2.    We always considerdiscipline, neatness, timeliness, and responsibility.
3.    Glory, greatness, andpotential of our staff are subject to success and power of our company. Thus,we direct all our efforts toward success of company.
4.    We always respect and obeyour masters’ orders and respect our colleagues.
5.    We always cooperate with ourcolleagues sincerely.
6.    We always use our totalthinking and practice capacities to fulfill our professional responsibilities.
7.    We prevent excess-consumptionof resources and facilities.
8.    We always try to balance ourlives and businesses.
9.    Our motto is obtainingknowledge and occupational skills, and we try to accomplish a learning company.