Message ofManaging Director

Nooredena Development and Investment Co. is an investment group with thegoal to maximize profits of its stockholder by support of its efficient andobligated human force and application of resources. Our goal is achieving a “leaderinvestment group in value-creation”.   


Nooredena Development and Investment Co. acts as the arm of investment ofIran Mobile Communications Co. (IMCC) (Hamrah-e Aval) from early of 2011. Bythe goal of applying financial resources of IMCC and optimum assignment of themin capital market, this company has tried to diversify income sources of IMCCand increase its economic return significantly. The board of directors is goingto proceed effective steps toward maximization of profits of stockholders throughits efficient and obligated human force and application of resources as aninvestment group. Thus, it has selected the goal of “leader investment group invalue-creation”. Now, we administer more than Rls.9000 billion of assets in 8productive industries through 12 expert forces. However, we need yourcooperation and sympathy.


Mr. Ali Fayazbakhsh, Managing Director